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Pansy Prints for a Cause

In May of each year, Laurie releases a limited edition print of one of her pansy paintings. All proceeds are donated to charity.

2020 Pansy Print

Pansy 22 - Helen's Flower

Pansy 22 | 24x24 acrylic on canvas by Canadian Artist, Laurie Koss who is known for her big flower (macro floral) paintings and her Pansy Stamps.

Pansy 22 is the final painting from Laurie Koss’ 2017 solo art show, Pansy. It is the second painting released as a limited-edition print for a fundraiser in honour of a special woman. The original painting, owned by Anne Pistawka, has now been renamed, “Helen’s Flower,” after Anne’s mother.

In Anne’s words:

“The inspiration behind renaming Pansy 22, “Helen’s Flower,” stems from a series of events I like to think of as kismet. I knew my neighbour and childhood friend, Laurie Koss, was working on a collection of pansy paintings after successfully launching her 2015 Canada Post pansy stamps. 

I watched Laurie create pansy after pansy in different colours and varieties and was drawn into her creative process. It was around this time my mother, Helen, an artist herself, passed away from complications due to a stroke. Incidentally, she and Laurie had shared a love of art over the years.

My 95-year-old aunt remembered my mom as, “A little girl with huge blue eyes, the pale color of Maggie Mott pansies.” Upon investigating this pansy, I discovered it was exactly the one Laurie had just painted, so I purchased it, and now “Helen’s Flower” reminds me daily of my mom: her energy, resilience, creativity, and, of course, her beautiful eyes.”

All proceeds from the sale of Helen’s Flower prints will be donated to the Heart and Stroke Foundation.

16x16 limited edition prints - $125 CAD each

Original Pansy Print (Released 2017)

Pansy 17 - Gillian's Flower

In Memory of Gillian White, 1961 - 2018

This painting is one of a series of 22 created by artist, Laurie Koss for her 2017 solo art show, Pansy. She dedicated Pansy 17 to Gillian White, a friend who was a 5th year survivor of terminal colon cancer. To Laurie, Gillian was simply the epitome of strength, determination, kindness and love.

Limited edition prints and blank greeting cards of Pansy 17 – Gillian’s Flower are available for sale. All proceeds supporting Canadian Colorectal Cancer Research in honour of Laurie’s good friend Gillian White who recently passed away from the disease.

16x16 limited edition prints - $125 CAD each

5x5 greeting cards ($5 CAD each or ten for $45 CAD

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